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Rubber And Plastic

The key role of Magnesium Oxide in rubber products
In the world of rubber products, Magnesium Oxide is a multifunctional additive that brings many important benefits to rubber products.
Firstly, magnesium oxide can effectively improve the vulcanization rate of rubber, making the production process more efficient and shortening the molding time.
Secondly, it enhances the physical properties of rubber. Improving the strength, hardness, and wear resistance of rubber, thereby extending its service life.
Magnesium oxide also has good heat resistance. In high-temperature environments, it can maintain the stability of rubber and improve its aging resistance.

Compared to other additives, magnesium oxide has a higher cost-effectiveness.

The Outstanding Contribution of Magnesium Oxide in Plastic Products

Firstly, magnesium oxide has excellent thermal stability. It can maintain the stability of plastic performance in high temperature environments, enabling plastic products to adapt to various harsh working conditions. Secondly, it can improve the mechanical strength of plastics. To provide better tensile, impact, and wear resistance for plastic products, thereby extending their service life. Magnesium oxide can also improve the flame retardancy of plastics. Effectively preventing the combustion of plastics in dangerous situations such as fires improves safety. In addition, it also has a positive impact on the insulation performance of plastics. To enhance the electrical insulation ability of plastics and meet the high requirements of electronics, electrical and other fields.
During the processing, magnesium oxide can improve the melt flowability of plastics. Make plastic easier to process and shape, reducing production costs.
At the same time, it can also reduce the shrinkage rate of plastic products. Improve dimensional accuracy to ensure the quality and stability of the product.
In summary, magnesium oxide plays an important role in plastic products. Its multiple functions have significantly improved the performance, quality, and safety of plastic products.