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  • High Reactive Magnesium Oxide

High Reactive Magnesium Oxide

Physical Property

Name: Magnesium Oxide

Commonly known as: bitter soil; Lamp powder; Calcined bitter soil
Molecular formula: MgO
Molecular weight: 40.30

Appearance: White amorphous powder

With Magnesite as raw material, after light burning, hydration, filtration, purification, drying, ball milling, and then calcining at 450~600 ℃ at low temperature, high active Magnesium Oxide with iodine absorption value of 140~200mg/g is obtained.Highly Active magnesium oxide has a larger specific surface area and is an important material for preparing high-precision inorganic materials, electronic components, inks, and harmful gas adsorbents for high performance.



    Chloroprene rubber/adhesive Thickening agent for SMC/ BMC Ceramics Plastics Catalysts Chemical raw material Chemical raw material Glass Synthetic rubbers( FKM, CSM, ECO, CIIR etc. ) Curing agent for Phenolic resin Feed additives Friction material Grind stones Magnesia cement Absorbents Electrical steel

1.Mainly used as a promoter and activator for butyl rubber, chloroprene rubber, styrene butadiene rubber, and fluororubber;

2.Active magnesium oxide can increase the crosslinking density of butyl rubber, thereby improving the physical properties of rubber bottle stoppers;

3.Activated magnesium oxide can thicken and increase brightness in SMC and BMC.

4.Fillers for adhesives, plastics, paint, and paper.

5.Used as an antacid and laxative in medicine, for the treatment of excessive gastric acid and duodenal ulcers;

6.It can also be used as a material for ceramics, glass, high-end insulation materials, and magnesium oxide cement;

7.At high temperatures, it has excellent alkali resistance and electrical insulation, high coefficient of thermal expansion and thermal conductivity, as well as outstanding transparency.

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