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Flame Retardant

Magnesium Hydroxide, as a flame retardant, exhibits excellent smoke suppression properties while exerting flame retardant effects. When facing dangerous situations such as fires, it can effectively suppress the generation and spread of smoke, and is highly regarded for its unique smoke suppression ability.

The main principle of smoke suppression is that during the thermal decomposition process, Magnesium Hydroxide not only absorbs heat to lower the temperature, but also interacts with harmful substances produced by combustion, reducing the formation of smoke.

The excellent smoke suppression performance of magnesium hydroxide reduces the smoke concentration at the fire scene, creating more favorable conditions for people's escape and rescue; On the other hand, it also reduces the potential harm of smoke to the environment and human health, and the smoke suppression effect of magnesium hydroxide has been widely applied.

In the field of building materials, the use of flame retardant materials containing magnesium hydroxide can greatly improve the safety and environmental protection of buildings in the event of a fire.

In the electronic and electrical industry, it can also ensure that products reduce the generation of smoke during operation.

In summary, magnesium hydroxide, as a flame retardant, plays a crucial role in ensuring safety and protecting the environment due to its excellent smoke suppression performance, and is an indispensable force in modern flame retardant technology.