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The difference between active magnesium oxide and ordinary magnesium oxide

The difference between active Magnesium Oxide and ordinary Magnesium Oxide: Active magnesium oxide is an inorganic salt material, and activity refers to the physical and chemical activity and the ability to react with other substances. Compared to ordinary lightweight magnesium oxide, it can react more easily with other substances. There is not much difference in the chemical element composition of active magnesium oxide, mainly manifested in its activity value, such as iodine absorption value, citric acid value, etc. The average particle size of active magnesium oxide products is small, with a relatively large specific surface area and a higher active iodine absorption value. The surface of active magnesium oxide may have more active sites, so it may be more effective than ordinary magnesium oxide in adsorbing certain substances.

Active magnesium oxide has a wide range of uses. Through continuous development and application research, it has been widely used in medical rubber plugs, various rubber products, adhesives, light-emitting devices, gas sensors, fiberglass, fluororubber, catalysts, adsorbents, etc., demonstrating its excellent performance.