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Magnesium Oxide Industry Applications

Magnesium Oxide is a very wide range of chemical products, with the upgrading of industrialization and high-tech functional materials market demand and development, research and development and production of a series of high-tech fine Magnesium Oxide products, is widely used in various industries.
One of the main uses of magnesium oxide is as a flame retardant, the traditional flame retardant materials are widely used halogenated polymers or halogenated flame retardant combinations of flame retardant mixtures, once a fire occurs, due to combustion and thermal decomposition, it will produce a large amount of smoke and toxic corrosive gases, which will corrode the instruments and equipment, and then hinder the fire fighting and evacuation of the people. According to statistics, more than 80% of deaths in fires are caused by the smoke and toxic gases produced by the material, therefore, in addition to flame retardant efficiency, low smoke and low toxicity have become indispensable indicators of flame retardants.

Magnesium oxide has a good performance in different industries. In the cable industry, it mainly plays the role of vulcanization accelerator, anti-focusing agent, filler, acid-absorbing agent, fire retardant and flame retardant, high-temperature, corrosion-resistant and abrasion-resistant; it plays the role of vulcanization accelerant, anti-focusing agent and acid-absorbing agent in adhesive industry; and it accelerates the reaction in the resin reaction liquid. High-purity magnesium oxide has excellent alkali resistance and electrical insulation at high temperatures, high coefficient of thermal expansion and thermal conductivity has good light transmittance, widely used as high temperature heat-resistant materials. Nano magnesium oxide has obvious small size effect, surface effect, quantum size effect and macroscopic tunneling effect, modified treatment, no agglomeration phenomenon, in the optical, catalytic, magnetic, mechanical, chemical and so on has many specific functions and important application value, the prospect is very broad, is the 21st century important new materials. It can be seen that magnesium oxide is an indispensable additive in many products.

With the development of technology, functional materials have become the hotspot of research, at present, the main development in the luminescent functional materials, optical functional materials, electronic functional materials, as well as other areas of application. The above functional materials have very strict requirements for the purity of raw materials, although there is no common international industry standards, in addition to reference to the application requirements of the functional materials themselves, will be the chemical reagent standards as a reference standard. Taking high purity electronic grade Magnesium Carbonate and magnesium oxide as an example, it is mainly used in aerospace electronic components, military electronic components, communication equipment, radar and so on, which determines the technical index requirements of high purity electronic grade Magnesium Carbonate and magnesium oxide.