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Water Treatment Magnesium Hydroxide

Magnesium Hydroxide Has The Following Functions In The Field Of drinking water Purification:

1. Arsenic removal: Arsenic in drinking water is a carcinogen, and Magnesium Hydroxide can quickly and strongly adsorb arsenic through chemical bonds. Using magnesium hydroxide to remove arsenic is more economical than using other arsenic removal systems.

2. Adjusting pH value: Magnesium hydroxide can adjust the pH value of water to maintain it within an appropriate range.

3. Removing pollutants such as heavy metal ions and organic matter: Due to the excellent flocculation performance of magnesium hydroxide, it can effectively remove pollutants such as heavy metal ions and organic matter from water.

4. Inhibiting the growth of bacteria and algae: It can ensure the presence of essential minerals for the human body in water and inhibit the growth of bacteria and algae.

In summary, magnesium hydroxide has important application value in drinking water treatment.

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The sample can be ready in a week and then shipped by air or by sea.

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