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Feed Additives

Magnesium Oxide, as an important feed additive, has a wide range of applications in animal husbandry.

In poultry and livestock farming, Magnesium Oxide is often used to provide essential minerals. It plays a crucial role in maintaining normal metabolism and physiological functions.

Magnesium oxide can enhance the nutritional value of feed, enhance animal immunity, and reduce the probability of disease occurrence. It can improve the taste and texture of feed, increase animal appetite, and promote feed intake. Helps to improve the growth rate and production performance of animals, and increases breeding efficiency.

In the feed of ruminants, magnesium oxide can help alleviate abnormal rumen fermentation. Promote the growth and reproduction of microorganisms, and improve the conversion efficiency of feed.

For certain specific animals, such as domestic poultry, magnesium oxide can be used to improve egg production rates and eggshell quality.

Magnesium oxide also has a certain anti stress effect. When animals face stress factors such as environmental changes, transportation, etc., it can help them maintain a normal physiological state.

In addition, the use of feed grade magnesium oxide is also cost-effective.

Relatively low costs can bring significant economic benefits to breeders.

In summary, feed grade magnesium oxide plays an indispensable role in the feed industry.

This provides strong support for the healthy growth of animals and the improvement of breeding efficiency.