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Essential Magnesium Element in Dairy Cow Diet-Magnesium Oxide

Nowadays, the livestock industry in China is very developed, especially with the improvement of people's daily living standards, the demand for meat and eggs is gradually increasing, which has greatly increased the demand for feed for livestock during the breeding process. Many conscientious aquaculture experts have found that if a Magnesium Oxide raw material is added to the feed, livestock will grow more robust.

Magnesium Oxide can not only compensate for the lack of magnesium in the diet and avoid the onset of magnesium deficiency, but also serve as an excellent rumen buffer, regulating rumen fermentation, and adding the absorption of milk precursor compounds by the mammary gland, further improving milk production and milk fat rate. Adding magnesium oxide to the diet of cows can prevent heat stress. Magnesium ions can synergistically interact with potassium and sodium ions to maintain a balance of cell surface osmotic pressure, reduce the response of cows to heat stress, and ensure that milk production does not decrease.

Secondly, in the case of heat stress, the amount of magnesium oxide added to the diet should be further increased to compensate for the loss of magnesium in the body and ensure and maintain normal milk production value.

In addition, both cows and beef cattle have excellent balance mechanisms to handle excessive magnesium ions, so adding appropriate amounts of magnesium oxide will not have adverse effects on cattle.