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Classification of magnesium carbonate

Magnesium Carbonate as a wide range of industrial products performance is very superior, Magnesium Carbonate in fact, there is also a classification, so for the classification of magnesium carbonate you understand?Magnesium carbonate has a wide range of applications in the chemical industry. Magnesium carbonate produced by different production principles and processes has different product quality and uses. According to the purity composition and uses of magnesium carbonate, there are generally medicinal magnesium carbonate (heavy magnesium carbonate), food grade basic magnesium carbonate, and light magnesium carbonate.

Medical magnesium carbonate, also known as heavy magnesium carbonate, has a white powder appearance and is an excellent rubber reinforcement and filler in industry. Due to its low flammability and relatively low density, it is used as a high-temperature insulation or fireproof material. Its applications almost cover various social and economic fields such as national defense, metallurgy, electronics, etc.

The relative molecular weight of food grade basic magnesium carbonate is 458.81, which is a white, loose and agglomerated powder. It is mainly used as an additive or modifier in the food industry. Therefore, its purity must be ensured to ensure food safety, especially in the preparation process, heavy metal residues such as iron, lead, manganese, arsenic, palladium must be less than 1ppm. If magnesium carbonate is added to flour, it can increase the whiteness of the flour and can be regarded as a whitening agent. Magnesium carbonate can also be used as an alkaline agent in some foods or added to daily chemicals such as toothpaste and ceramics.

Lightweight magnesium carbonate has a white powder appearance and is an excellent rubber reinforcing and filling agent in industry. It is also used as a high-temperature insulation or fireproof material due to its non flammable and relatively low density characteristics. Doping it into white rubber can increase the transparency of rubber products, while enhancing their toughness and wear resistance.