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  • Magnesium Oxide For Rubber And Plastics
  • Magnesium Oxide For Rubber And Plastics
Magnesium Oxide For Rubber And PlasticsMagnesium Oxide For Rubber And Plastics

Magnesium Oxide For Rubber And Plastics

Physical Property

Name: Magnesium Oxide

Molecular formula: MgO

Molecular weight: 40.30

Appearance: White amorphous powder

Its chemical composition, physical form, and other indicators are not significantly different from ordinary Magnesium Oxide, but some indicators of active magnesium oxide require different requirements from ordinary magnesium oxide; If appropriate particle size distribution is required, average particle size:<2 µ m (2000nm); The microscopic morphology is irregular particles or nearly spherical particles or sheet-like crystals; The activity represented by citric acid (CAA value) is 12-25 seconds (the smaller the value, the higher the activity); The activity expressed by iodine absorption value is 80-120 (mgI2/100gMgO); The specific surface area is between 5-20m3/g, and the apparent specific volume is between 6-8.5mL/g. In addition, due to the high activity of this magnesium oxide, it is easy to absorb water and sometimes requires chemical treatment to protect it. In some aspects, it exhibits special properties that conventional materials do not possess, so it is widely used as a new type of material.



Activated magnesium oxide is an important raw material for preparing high-performance fine inorganic materials, electronic components, inks, and harmful gas adsorbents. It is expected to be developed as a cutting-edge material under harsh conditions such as high temperature and high corrosion. It can also be used as a filler for paints, paper, and cosmetics, as a filler and reinforcing agent for plastics and rubber, and as an auxiliary material for various electronic materials.

1. Mainly used as accelerator and activator for Butyl rubber, Neoprene, Styrene-butadiene and fluororubber;

2. The activity of magnesium oxide can increase the crosslinking density of Butyl rubber, thereby improving the physical properties of rubber bottle stopperFunction;

3. Fillers for adhesives, plastics, paint, and paper.

4. Used medicinally as an antacid and laxative, for excessive gastric acid and duodenal ulcers;

5. It can also be used as materials for ceramics, glass, high-end insulation materials, and magnesium oxide cement;

6. It has excellent alkali resistance and electrical insulation at high temperatures, high thermal expansion coefficient and thermal conductivity, and outstanding light projection.

Service And Shipping

The sample can be ready in a week and then shipped by air or by sea.

1) Provide Express like DHL, UPS, FedEx, for a relatively small order.

2) The ocean shipping is also available for big orders.

3) You also can use your own forwarder account.