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Dead Burned Magnesium Oxide

Physical Properties

Molecular formula of Magnesium Oxide: MgO
Molecular weight: 40.30

Reburned Magnesium Oxide refers to the magnesium oxide obtained by calcination at high temperatures above 1000 ℃. It is produced from magnesite and ammonium bicarbonate as raw materials through carbonization and calcination processes. Most magnesium oxide is processed into reburned magnesium oxide (DBM), also known as sintered magnesium oxide

This product is used for products such as cables, conveyor belts, fluororubber, butyl rubber, adhesives, fiberglass, etc.

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Application of Reburned Magnesium Oxide

1. Refractory materials: Due to its high melting point and good high-temperature resistance, re fired magnesium oxide is often used to manufacture refractory bricks, crucibles, and other refractory materials.
2. Ceramic industry: In ceramic production, re fired magnesium oxide can be used as a flux for ceramic bodies and as a component of ceramic glaze.
3. Rubber and plastic industry: It can be used as a filler for rubber and plastics, improving the heat resistance, insulation, and mechanical strength of materials.
4. Flue gas desulfurization: Reburned magnesium oxide can be used in the flue gas desulfurization process to react with sulfur dioxide to generate magnesium sulfate, thereby reducing sulfur emissions.
5. Fertilizer: Heavy burned magnesium oxide containing magnesium can be used as magnesium fertilizer to provide magnesium nutrition for crops and improve soil quality.

6. Building materials: Magnesium oxide can be used in building materials to manufacture lightweight partition panels, fireproof boards, etc.