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  • Wastewater Treatment Magnesium Hydroxide

Wastewater Treatment Magnesium Hydroxide

Physical Property                                 

Molecular formula of Magnesium Hydroxide: Mg(OH)2

Molecular weight: 58.32(international standard)

Appearance: Magnesium Hydroxide is a colorless hexagonal prism crystal or a white amorphous powder. Also known as caustic magnesite, lightly burned magnesia sand, etc., the suspension of magnesium hydroxide in water is called magnesium hydroxide emulsion, abbreviated as magnesium emulsion.

The application of magnesium hydroxide in wastewater treatment

Neutralization of industrial acidic wastewater, removal of heavy metals from industrial and mine emissions, flue gas desulfurization, soil acid rain treatment, and pH regulation

Magnesium hydroxide, as an alkali, has unique buffering and neutralization capabilities, and its pH value does not exceed 9 during use. The neutralization process is mild, with large precipitated particles and fast settling speed. Sludge is easy to filter and discharge, thereby reducing the volume of sludge sediment and lowering treatment costs. Secondly, magnesium hydroxide has low corrosiveness and significant advantages in equipment investment and maintenance. Strong adsorption capacity, high activity, and low corrosiveness. This enables magnesium hydroxide to be widely used for the treatment of acidic wastewater, such as papermaking, printing and dyeing, leather, electroplating, urban domestic sewage, and fluorine-containing wastewater.

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